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Contribute to the well-being of humanity and social prosperity by building a world that fosters a respect for the creation of new value supported by insight into the future of science, technology and society.


Provide support to researchers of science and technology who possess a clear vision of an ideal future society, and to that end, are committed to original and unprecedented projects.

Main Activities (Research Grant Programs)

In order to achieve this mission, we are offering two Research Grant Programs.

1) "Science and Technology that Achieve a Good Future ." This provides grants for innovative scientific and technological research projects to realize new values for future society or to solve problems caused by science and technology in their process of development. Researchers are encouraged to meet the challenge of research for finding substantial solutions to increasingly complicated issues, giving free play to their unique perspective and blue-sky thinking. Eligible projects should address complex issues involving a wide range of areas, including the environment, energy, resources, information, life, security, health and food.

2) "Science and Technology that Create New Industries" This provides grants for research projects that tackle unexplored areas of science and technology, with the potential of giving birth to new industries not previously recognized anywhere in our world. The Program will encourage research projects that set ambitious objectives for bold endeavors over the three years to build the core of future industries or the foundation of future innovation based on original thinking, even if it takes 20 or 30 years to put them into industrial use. Research projects that help create new industries at the local level, as well as the national or international level, are eligible for grants under the Program.

These Programs typically allow bold activities by offering a large grant per application and a three-year grant period. They also can make arrangements for follow-up on the project by expert members of the Canon Foundation Screening Committee as necessary.

January 31, 2019