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Outline of the "Science and Technology that Achieve a Good Future" Research Grant Program

This Program provides grants for research on science and technology to envision a future society that allows the coexistence of a wide range of values and to help achieve a good future. You are invited to propose a new social value, or a social issue to be solved for the future from your own perspective, as well as an idea for research on science and technology to help realize such a new value or solve such an issue. We welcome any research project that addresses the challenge of value creation and problem-solving head on, from a unique, little-known perspective or out-of-the box thinking.

Amount of grants 30 million yen per application (subject to change)
Grant period Three years, in principle
Grant targets Researchers employed by Japanese universities, graduate schools, technical colleges, public research institutes, etc.
Screening method First screening (of documents) and second screening (interviews) by members of the Canon Foundation Screening Committee